A couple of weeks ago I spent some time looking at the Cape Light body of work by Joel Meyerowitz.

This led me on to a couple of other you tube videos by the photographer, the one below on composition I thought was worthwhile noting.


I have been thinking about light for this project, and I know it is the bleeding obvious …….that light transforms what we see so I am struggling to translate this into tangible outputs. In research I have even gone back to researching Defraction and Refraction (oh, why did I not pay attention in those physics classes?).

With some pointers, fromThursdays class I have been looking at James Turrell’s fascinating work with light.

Corner Shallow Spaces:  ‘A Turrell Corner Shallow Space is created in a convex corner; the light creates an illusion of a three dimensional object.’ 1

Raethrro 11 Blue (1971)


‘Turrell creates a similar experience of “Ganzfeld”: a German word to describe the phenomenon of the total loss of depth perception as in the experience of a white-out.’

Breathing Light (2013)


Another pointer I was given  was Dan Flavan, so I have looked at some of his light installations.’Dan Flavin emphatically denied that his sculptural light installations had any kind of transcendent, symbolic, or sublime dimension, stating: “It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else,” and that his works are simply fluorescent light responding to a specific architectural setting.’  2

Following this I was thinking about shooting through glass. I was looking around the kitchen for glass objects to shoot through and in the fridge found a nearly empty bottle of wine (surprise!) and took some shots with my 105mm lens. This has led me on to thinking about making photos out of the most ordinary of objects and things.

Personally I quite like the light in these photos, so I have bought a bottle of blush rose, to possibly extend this series.

Assessment Criteria: 1,2,3,5







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