With the idea of the ordinary in my mind , following on from the bottle shots, I started to think about taking detail from an area and detaching it from what it actually is. I was researching architecture in London as I feel modern city buildings have a very abstract nature. I would love to hire a tilt shift lens, in the meantime I realised I would have to tolerate the distortion caused by looking up at the buildings. To execute this abstraction exercise, I dropped into town and thought I would go and have a look at buildings in the city, starting with the Lloyds building. On walking to Lloyds, I popped into Leadenhall market.

The Lloyds building ‘is a leading example of radical Bowellism architecture in which the services for the building, such as ducts and lifts, are located on the exterior to maximise space in the interior.’ 1

The reflections in windows are amazing in the reflective glass in the city. The lines of the windows made me think very much in shapes. The curve of this building I find very attractive. Through the abstract of this picture I think I overcome distortion issues, as I am not trying to depict the building as real. However the presence of the sky and clouds place the picture in the real, so I am not sure that it works as part of the series.


The following pictures are of the artwork outside the Gherkin, and the Gherkin itself. I discovered that the Square Mile contains a sculpture exhibition, which I will need to go back and spend time seeing. Well worth going on a Saturday when the city is empty.

I wandered on through a maze of squares, triangles and lines.


This is detail of a photograph taken through the corner of a glass window.


This is the whole of the image. With the people in, although I like the image, it detracts from the concept of detaching, extracting shape from what the object is.


The picture below puts a new meaning on square!


and finally some lines.


For me the stronger pictures are those that just have the shapes, particularly the circles of the steps, the window squares that are not square, and the colour and shape of part of the sculpture outside the Gherkin. I feel that these pictures meet the brief, but they don’t have me very excited. I will be interested to have feedback from class.

This morning I have been looking at the work of Ernst Hass, particularly his abstracts. Given me more food for thought!

Assessment criteria: 1,2,3,4,5






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